Happy New Year?

Yes, the question mark at the end of the title is on purpose. With 2016 being a bit of sink hole in the time/space continuum I, like many, am curious as to what 2017 has in store. A quick Google search for ‘2017’ will likely litter your screen with droppings of positivity and hope for a “turn … More Happy New Year?

24 Days of Merriment!

‘Frame your mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.’ ~ William Shakespeare I haven’t really been into Christmas for the last few years. The over commercialization of material goods and ever growing ‘I want’ lists have really tainted the holidays for me.  Last year I begrudgingly sent Christmas cards … More 24 Days of Merriment!

Book Mates

A couple of summers ago I had my first ever session with a spiritual counselor. Yes, while arguably a fancy label for a psychic, she did provide me with some information that has given me cause to think. Of particular curiosity is that I am only destined to have five close friends.  At the time … More Book Mates