Homebodies Unite

I have decided that I would make a pretty damn good housewife. I’m not trying to be facetious in saying this; I honestly believe it to be true. In my quest to simplify my life I have regaled in the basics of everyday chores – from doing laundry, to cooking meals from scratch, to boundless baking and endless craft making. Even dusting has made my joyful list (although that one’s a stretch). Activities that modern society finds mundane and fruitless are, what I have come to secretly learn, those that have brought me happiness all along. Daily chores have become my consistent go-to in a too fast paced world.

The urban dictionary defines a homebody as “a person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home.” This description fits me to a tee. I have always been a homebody. I love being in my own space, doing my own thing. Sure people can join me sometimes but I usually have to be in the right mood – or drunk – whichever the situation calls for. My home is my temple. It is my safety net and my security blanket wrapped into a cozy little package of wonderfulness. To me there’s nothing more superb then an empPajamasty house all to myself. It wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I fully appreciated the fact that it was my birthright as an introvert to embrace this solitude and to relish every moment I could spend in the blissful company of myself (okay, and my dog, she has an all access pass).

Having spent so much time as I homebody I no doubt need activities to keep me from going too stir crazy, especially during the dark winter months when 6:00 bed times aren’t ideal (though they sound pretty awesome on certain days). Not too long ago I reacquainted myself with the inner workings of the liveliest place in a typical homestead – the kitchen. I was already a steadfast baker of sorts, taking lessons from my mother at an early age. However, in the past few years I learned to trust my instincts when it came to cooking meals and began to experiment with different dishes and ingredients. I also fell in love with my slow cooker (legitimately, I have two of them now and am secretly hoping for a third from Santa). Making meals for family and friends has gone from a dreaded chore to one of the most delightful parts of my day. In the summer I bathe in the glory that is a local farmer’s market where a sense of community and shared pride in fertile land is still alive and well. In the winter, I gather long forgotten pantry ingredients around the stove for the makings of a delicious stew to warm the coldest of bodies. Just the thought of it now brings an instant smile to my face. The only thing that would make this experience a touch more charming is if I had a full body apron like housewives did in the forties and fifties.  I’m being dead serious, I’d LOVE one.

In addition to my love of kitchen flare, I have adopted the “make do and mend” philosophy of the late 1930’s and early 1940’s when World War II forced many to ration and save all they had or had access to. This, too, has been an incredibly gratifying experience. I get nothing but childhood delight from fixing a fallen button or closing an unfortunate garment hole. Yes, it takes some extra steps to do such repairs when, arguably, the easierJane Austen Quote option may be to go out and just buy a replacement.  But seriously, what a waste – I’d much rather make do and mend then throw out a perfectly good piece of clothing that is simply only showing through ware and tear how much it is used and appreciated.

My homebodiedness (yes, I just made that word up) takes a step further in personal pleasure when handmade crafts are added to the mix (another glee filled delight inherited from my mother). If I’m not already entranced by a page turner of a book, you can find me cozying up in a recliner either knitting or needle pointing.  Add some fluffy snow falling outside and a cozy fire and I’ve reached my peak point of ecstasy. I legit have goose bumps – sheer perfection!

As Christmas inches its way closer and the social gathering season of the year reaches its pinnacle, I encourage you to embrace your homebody self and rest and relax as often as possible. Reconnect with your favourite book, dust off those knitting needles, or, better yet, gather family and friends for an old fashioned home cooked meal. Staying at home is a simple and money saving way to rekindle relationships, not only with others, but with you as well.

Erica  🙂

One thought on “Homebodies Unite

  1. Reading your blogs made me feel like I just drank a great glass of cabernet, while laying on my couch, under a fluffy throw! Does that explain how relaxed I am now? I hope so. Thanks, and “Cheers for finally releasing your blog!”

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