Rethinking Gift Giving

In addition to my 50 books reading challenge, I am also using 2015 to revise my gift-giving habits – yet another goal for recreating a simple life throughout this coming year.

I will be the first to admit that I like to spoil people. Friends, family, even complete strangers have been the receivers of my strong desire to be a gifter. I thrive on the surprised look someone gets when presented (pun intended) with the unexpected – simply awesome.

In saying this, however, I have come to appreciate the fact that I am blessed with amazing friends and family who all have the means to get what they desire. We are very privileged folk and, in the grand scheme of things, require very little outside of what we already have. Due to this fact (and quite a few others), I have decided to alter my gift giving habits so that they fall within three main categories:Bunny

  • Homemade/hand crafted items
  • Donation to a non-profit organization of the recipients choice
  • Time spent together

My intention of rethinking my gift giving habits in 2015 is to return to what, I believe, gift giving should be about – honouring the individual receiver and their relationship with the one giving the gift. Nothing says I appreciate/love/thank/honour you the way a personalized gift wrapped in sentimental meaning does. Bring on the warm and fuzzies.

QuoteI encourage each of you to rethink your gift giving habits as well – not only yours to others but what you may request others give to you. What do we really need? Not much. Outside food, shelter, water, clothing and air everything else is a relative luxury.  (Also those, like me, who have had to move quite a bit in their lifetime will no doubt appreciate the concept of less is more – “If I have to carry one MORE box filled with crap I don’t need/use…!”).

This year strive to save money, get your hands dirty (or gluey), and/or help others who have much less – what could be a better gift?


Happy Gifting!

Erica 🙂

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