Book #7: 50 Book Challenge

MagicWhile browsing the book shelf at the library one day, I spotted the seventh book in my 50 Book Challenge. My eye was immediately drawn to the picture on the front cover – a delightful illustration of four dogs, a boy, a girl, and a cat wearing a pink tutu. The sight instantly made me smile. When I read the title, Waiting for the Magic, my curiosity peaked and I quickly took it off the shelf.

This little book was from the Junior Fiction section and, as it turns out, was written by Patricia MacLachlan, the author of one of my favourite books turned Hallmark movie; Sarah, Plain and Tall. I read the book in an hour and was immediately drawn into the story – a broken family brought back together through the love and “magic” given by four rescue dogs and one extremely placid rescued cat.

I had a continuous smile on my face while I read each page – no doubt having my own little magic giving furball snuggled next to me added to my enchantment. One poignant part of the book, and one that I will always remember, was when three of the dogs, the cat, and the brother and sister were all crowded in a bed together. “All those heartbeats”, the author wrote with tangible feeling. A simple line but one that clamped onto my heart and didn’t soon let go.

There is also an outrageously touching moment near the end of the book that I will not spoil for you. I will only mention this – if you are an avid animal lover it’ll make you weep happy tears – just as it did for me.

Do yourself a favour and read this heartwarming tale of magic and belonging – it is perfect for both the young and the young at heart.

The only prerequisite? Be a true believer in magic.

Next up on the book shelf: Starry Night by Debbie Macomber

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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