Raindrops of Summer

Summer is not exactly my favourite time of year. Despite the warmer nights and sunshiny days, I still can’t claim it as my season of wonder. Autumn, on the other hand, leaves me absolutely giddy. Give me a crisp fall day and a pile of leaves to play in and you’ll see a side of me that rivals a six year old who’s been let loose in a Toy’ R’ Us with their own credit card. I LOVE the fall!

There is one aspect of summer that I will gladly welcome no matter the time of year. Summer rain (cue song). Rain at any other point in the year, in my opinion, is just cold and nasty wetness falling from the sky. In the summer, the warm winds heat the rain to the point it becomes refreshing, almost exhilarating. There’s something captivating about the sweet splendor of summer rain. It’s like natures cleanse; bath time for planet Earth.  It’s magical. It’s simple. It’s the best form of sleep medicine money can’t buy. I never snooze better than I do during a summer rain storm. Mix in the white noise of the air conditioner and snoring puppy by my side and the atomic bomb itself can’t rouse me.  For me summer rain equals summer naps, which translates to the best sleep of my life – guaranteed.  Throw in some claps of thunder and I’m down for the count.  Seriously, ZzzQuil has nothing on summer storms.

Some of my most cherished memories involve being curled up in bed at our family cottage, window open, listening to the rain hit the roof. It was a symphony of harmonious euphoria.  I would usually start with the intention of reading, the standard go to activity when it rained at the cottage, but without fail I would eventually end up just lying there listening to the acoustic dance of rain gently bouncing off leaves and softly touching the ground. Background noise ceased in its existence. Birds quieted, frogs rested, people stayed inside – nature’s soundtrack became simple and pure, just wind and rain, rain and wind. Complete auditory poetry.

Aside from the occasional addition of dramatic thunderstorms complete with lightening and loud thunder claps, there really isn’t anything overly complicated about summer rain. (At least not in my part of the world). After the rain has moved on the flora seems so much greener, almost refreshed and happy. My vegetable plants stretch towards the sky and the trees become fuller, whimsically hugging their leafy neighbours.  Add in the intoxicating aroma of the post-rain interlude and the senses are also treated to an olfactory dance.

The next time summer raindrops begin to fall, stop and take an honest listen. Heck, even go out and dance in it if the mood strikes you. Enjoy how it tickles all your senses and (hopefully) triggers happy memories.

At least before the rain induced ZZZ’s leave in you in a state of blissful sleep.

Erica 🙂

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