Book #22: 50 Book Challenge

The first book I read by Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, has stayed buried deep within my subconscious since I turned its final page. It literally changed my perspective of the world and how I interact with it and others. When choosing another Mitch Albom read I braced myself for the same possible outcome. The First Phone Call from Heaven didn’t leave me disappointed.

I was really drawn to this book, almost to the point where I felt it was calling to me. This could be because I have been doing a lot of research about guardian angels lately or because I have had it on my “to read” list for a number of months. Or both. Either way, this book was fantastic. Mitch Albom has way of getting right to the heart of humanity and squeezing all the “feels” out of you.

The First Phone Call from Heaven is about just that, residents of a small Michigan town start to receive phone calls from their deceased loved ones. While the book follows the consequences of getting such a phone call, as well as the community and global chaos that ensues, the message between the lines is what is most profound. Could there be more after this life comes to an end…

While I was reading this book, a coworker noticed it sitting on my desk and immediately asked me about it. After giving her the Coles notes she, without hesitation, asked: “Is it fiction?” Another coworker who was standing nearby quickly jumped in and quite curtly said, “Of course it’s fiction!” – a clear statement of absurdity followed by a not so subtle snort laugh.  Despite her exasperated tone, I couldn’t help but detect a gentle whisper in the back of my mind that simply uttered:

“What if it’s not?”

Next up on the book shelf: The Bear by Claire Cameron

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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