Book #34: 50 Book Challenge

Even though I was still exuding mild disappointment following my read of Kathy Reichs’ last novel, my excitement regenerated itself when I walked into the library one day and found her 2015 release, Speaking in Bones, sitting on the new arrival shelf.

I bounded home from work that night with the brand spanking, fresh off the press copy in my hot little hands. I spent the next three days devouring each page. THIS was the Kathy Reichs that I had come to love. Speaking in Bones was SO much better than her previous novel, Bones Never Lie, for it retained the suspense and forensic terminology that I was desperately craving. It was gripping from start to finish and, despite the fact that I predicted the ending before it was fully revealed, I was still left with a nice pile of literary surprise.

For those arm chair criminologists out there, give this one a read. Not only will you learn a great deal of what goes on behind the scenes of forensic investigation but you’ll also get an intimate glimpse into some real life, details changed to protect confidentiality, type cases.

Sometimes truth is stranger – and scarier – than fiction.

Next up on the book shelf: Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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