Book #37: 50 Book Challenge

While browsing through my online Kobo library I discovered, to my utter surprise, that I had overlooked a novella by my all-time favourite author, Kathy Reichs. Without skipping a beat I quickly downloaded Swamp Bones and within minutes was already done the first chapter. (And as an added bonus I found out it was free!)

This was a very quick read and I was easily finished within an hour. Despite the shorter story, the plot and its intensity held its own when compared to Ms. Reichs’ full length novels. This time the main character, Temperance Brennan, was taken on vacation to the Florida Everglades. What was supposed to be a week of rest and relaxation in the humidity laden swamp of the southern keys quickly turned into an active investigation for a serial murderer after it was discovered that a local gator had dined on a python hunter’s torso, using her belly button ring as a toothpick.

If you’re looking for a fast yet intense crime mystery, then this one’s for you. (Did I mention it was FREE?!?)

Next up on the book shelf: Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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