Book #39: 50 Book Challenge

I picked up Into the Storm by Reed Timmer in audio book format in order to fulfill my craving for action-adventure, non-fiction. This book highlighted the noble beginnings of the author’s career as a storm chaser turned Doctor of Meteorology.

Having been mildly obsessed with severe and crazy weather for most of my life, I thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive stories of Reed’s expansive storm chasing experiences coupled with the scientific (albeit dumb-down) explanations of how severe weather develops and thrives.

Most eye-opening was Reed’s detailed account of his personal encounter with Hurricane Katrina’s wrath. While he touched on the unbelievable path of destruction she left in her wake, the scientific anecdotes he included painted a remarkably different picture then what many of us saw and heard during news broadcasts.

This was a fairly short book that got right to the point. A definite bonus for me as an easily distracted audio book listener. One warning however, if you do chose to go with audio book format be forewarned that the narrator is AWFUL. His Casey Kasem like voice made the book seem more like a childlike, fluffy version of the author’s personal accounts of storm destruction. For that reason alone, I would only recommend the print variety of Into the Storm. If you see the audio book, pass it by.

Next up on the book shelf: The Damned by Andrew Pyper

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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