Book #40: 50 Book Challenge

I’ll be damned that The Damned was a good book! Canadian author Andrew Pyper is, in my opinion, a master story teller when it comes to all things unknown and downright creepy.

For those open and still in the closet paranormal lovers out there, you need to read this book. It is fresh, well written, and takes the reader on a mind-f*ck journey into the unexplained. The story had such an amazing build up that I couldn’t put the book down for almost two days – I read as fast as I could devour the words scrolled on each page.

The Damned is about good and evil – in the form of twins. Essentially one is the sociopath, the other, empathetic. When the “bad” twin dies, the plot thickens in ways I didn’t expect. I will say that as the final climax of the story started to reveal itself, I very much had to let go of my literal brain and instead let my imaginative, “don’t try to find an explanation” brain take over. Arm chair paranormal hunters and fantasy readers will no doubt want to add this one to their book shelf.

This is a perfect “alone in the cottage at night” read that will leave you nodding off with all the lights still blazing.

Next up on the book shelf: Shock by Kathy Reichs

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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