Book #41: 50 Book Challenge

Feeling like a subpar Kathy Reichs fan, for the second time in as many months I discovered that I had failed to download another one of her novellas into my Kobo account. Unlike the previous one I located this summer, Shock was part of her Virals series – a collection of Young Adult fiction she co-writes with her son Brandon.

For those not familiar with the Virals series, it tells the story of Tory Brennan, the great niece of the larger than life Temperance Brennan of Bones (book and TV) fame. In this short but sweet passage, the reader is taken back to the beginning, when Tory Brennan’s character first arrives in North Carolina following the death of her mother. It is a quick introduction to how Tory meets her island “buds” and the creation of the solid foundation their friendship is based on – one that only grows stronger throughout the five novels which make up the entire Virals story.

This is a very fast read, which I think is the true beauty of novellas. They not only make good waiting room companions but they help fill in the extended story-lines to some really wonderful reads.

Next up on the book shelf: The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper

Happy Reading!

Erica 🙂

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