Book #51: 50 Book Challenge

18050139Being the closet keener I am, I decided to go for the 4 plus in recreational reading and include a 51st book in my 50 book reading challenge. That, and the fact that I skimped on book number 10. (But I’m honestly okay with you thinking that I really like to read, because I really do).

So here, dear readers (and loyal book enthusiasts), is my final installment of my 2015 reading challenge – Book #51!

If you’ve never read a book by Canadian author Richard Wagamese, then you seriously need to do yourself a favour and pick one up. While I read Medicine Walk for this review, my personal favourite has always been Keeper ‘n’ Me. To this day it is the only book that has truly made me cry.

Richard Wagamese was introduced to me by my Aboriginal literature professor during my second year of university. What I thought would be a bird course/easy credit turned out to be my first insightful lesson into the world of spirit and connection to the land – as accomplished through the written word. In Medicine Walk, Mr. Wagamese once again uses the equivalent of a literary symphony to take the reader on a journey of life lessons, human compassion, and the importance of staying connected with Mother Earth; all taught with a healthy sprinkling of Aboriginal wisdom. This book is about forgiveness and compassion despite every reason for the main character to not have faith in either. It’s about doing what’s right, when doing what’s wrong would be SO much easier. Most importantly, this book has become, for me, a metaphor for the importance of listening to the stories of others, for both their inner and outer personal battles are a very real struggle and worthy of our understanding.

Reading a Richard Wagamese book seems like the ideal way to bring my 2015 reading challenge to a close. He, as an author, has a true gift not shared by many other writers for his style forces the reader to take a hard look into themselves and really examine the immediate world around them. A timely opportunity as we bring one year to a close and gear up with high hopes to ring in another.

Happy (continued) Reading in 2016!

Erica 🙂


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