Butterfly Smile

Today was one of those days where I longed for a more simple existence. To be blunt, today turned out to be an “I f*cking hate people” kind of day. While it’s easy to place blame on the full moon, I have decided to succumb to the fact that, sadly, there is an overabundance of people in this world who are too self-involved to really see beyond the end of their nose.

While I subconsciously devised a plan to fund the purchase of my own island without having to prostitute myself, I heard a voice over the radio announce the playing of “A Butterfly’s Day Out”, with the accompaniment of Yo Yo Ma.

As the music played, sweet serenity at once overcame me. The harmonic rhythm of the instruments made me smile as I pictured a gentle little butterfly dancing around a sun draped meadow. Like colourful visions lifted from the pages of a children’s book. A smile formed on my grouch ridden face and in an instant, I remembered why getting back to simplicity is so necessary in our wild, non-stop world.

Take a moment and listen to this beautiful melodic piece for yourself. Stop and let your senses take it all in; allowing the music to fill your ears and your mind with simple harmony. And just be one with the butterfly.

It really doesn’t take much to live so simply.

Erica 🙂



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