January 2016

Since I refuse to open a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Four Square/LinkedIn/MySpace/ICQ/MSN Messenger/YouTube, etc. etc. account, (call me crazy but I kind of like my privacy and I don’t think my daily meal choices are really of interest to anyone other than my dog), I’ve decided to use my one online connection to sum up my daily activities each month. In addition, it means my friends and family will just have to cave and become followers of my blog in order to keep tabs on my life. Yet another win, win. Yes, I do have email (three actually – two for work and one personal) but I am notorious for forgetting about it most of the time (no phone notifications for me!). When I do respond it tends to only be in my head. (Apologies to those who emailed me recently, if you had psychic abilities you would have received my response by now).

So in January, THIS Happened:

  • Kicked off the new year by being awakened from a half dazed, movie watching induced slumber when the neighbourhood fireworks marked the midnight hour (and yes, I was totally sober – go me!)
  • Life coached a thirteen week old Newfoundland puppy on the rudiments of city living (she’s country folk).
  • Started the Paleo – aka I would negotiate with a mouse for a piece of cheese – diet.
  • Spent nearly an hour one Sunday morning watching the backyard squirrels “hide” the nuts and crackers I left out for them. Not sure if I call putting food under a blade of grass truly hiding, but then again, I’m not a squirrel. Suspect their memories aren’t all that good – kind of like Dory in Finding Nemo.
  • Found out you can have a cow delivered to you through the mail. (In case you’re wondering, yes I did – I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination).
  • Found out you can literally have ANYTHING delivered to you through the mall. Seriously, Google random shit and you’ll find out for yourself. GREAT time waster.
  • Joined an online feminist book club. Have completely surprised myself at how enriching and empowering the community is – the main prize being I read a book that in a million years I would have never thought to – and am a more aware person for doing so.
  • Discovered that I actually like brussels sprouts and black coffee, more specifically, LOTS of black coffee (did I mention I started a new diet…).
  • Willingly stayed up until three in the morning (on a work night) to watch the BBC’s Sherlock, The Abominable Bride movie, only to fall asleep in the last ten minutes. Does anyone know what happened?!?!? I’m desperate!

Also, since I do not have a reading challenge for this year, I will end each monthly entry with the books I read during that month including quick synopses of each.

My January Book Shelf:

The Maze Runner – James Dashner

I was on a young adult, apocalyptic science fiction kick after reading the Hunger Games trilogy, so I set out to find similar books/series. This one was not a favourite. I stopped reading after the first one as it honestly didn’t keep my attention well enough to continue on to uncover why they were in the maze. Not sure if the story line didn’t grab me or if it was the author’s style of writing – I’m leaning to the latter.

The River – Gary Paulsen

You may remember that I LOVED the junior fiction book, Hatchet. Turns out, it was the beginning of a series which contains four other books. The River is the second in the series, where the main character, Brian, goes back to the wilds. This one was very short read – not as good as the first book, but still interesting.

Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson

OMG! This woman inspires me so much; I don’t even know how to properly express it.  Very honestly, after laugh-crying my way through this book, I finished it with such feelings of self-empowerment that I completely look at my life (and others’ lives) differently now. READ THIS BOOK – you won’t regret it. (You can also check out her HILARIOUS blog at www.bloggess.com).

Brian’s Winter – Gary Paulsen

The third book in the Hatchet series, this one extends where Hatchet left off, (SPOILER ALERT) assuming Brian wasn’t rescued and had to survive the wilds during the treacherous winter months. I came to find out while reading this that Brian’s stories are based on true life experiences, which definitely made what happens more impactful – especially one part when a pack of wolves takes down a moose. Nature is no doubt violent and beautiful at the same time.

I Am Malala – Malala Yousafzai

This book was real eye opener for me. For those not familiar with Malala’s story, she was fifteen when she was shot in the head by the Taliban for going to school. What was a near death tragedy, Malala and her unbelievably supportive father turned into a quest for girls worldwide to receive an education. For more about her story and how you can support this incredible foundation, visit The Malala Fund.

My Life on the Road – Gloria Steinem

This account of Ms. Steinem’s decades of living on the road was the first book assigned in my newly joined feminist book club. Not in a million years would I have read this book outside the club. Being a firm believer that things happen for a reason, I’m so glad I got the opportunity to engage in Ms. Steinem’s life story. Many of her anecdotes and experiences are mind-blowing, and I learned so much behind the scenes history from her interactions with famous political figures. I made pages of notes while reading this book. It is definitely worth giving a double take.

That’s my month all summed up!

Happy January!

Erica 🙂

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