February 2016

First off, let me take a moment to acknowledge my lack of posting during the month of February. I got into a rather heated argument with my computer and decided that it needed to pay for its lack of productivity, so I took it to a nearby zoo and let nature have its way with it. Okay, that part is a lie. No zoo animals were unnecessarily exposed to technology but my laptop did bite the dust causing me more anger and frustration then I needed in my life. My only obvious way of coping was to pout and swear off computers for the month. I have emerged victorious, and slightly poorer, thanks to my new $1500 Macbook. Point for Best Buy.

Aside from my laptop woes, February can be summed up as the month for reflection and intense decision making. Many of my New Years’ “resolutions” came to fruition, with the only real hurdle to my success being my own stubbornness.

So in February, THIS happened:

  • Developed a slight addiction to chocolate coconut milk to the point were I started hoarding coupons for it. (This is what happens when you swear off refined sugar).
  • Questioned the label “vegetarian raised eggs” vs. regular eggs – are chickens closet carnivores?
  • Watched countless hours of BBC documentaries on WWI which left me both depressed and in awe.
  • Spent a lot of time verbal vomiting to my dog about everything I despise about my current life situation. She, in return, provided me with endless snuggles and thorough face washings. Double points for Dora.
  • Discovered the absolute deliciousness of meatloaf sandwiches (especially for breakfast!) Dora enjoyed this discovery too.
  • Ran an extremely successful slow cooker recipe exchange – may have convinced a few people that once you go “crock” you don’t go back 😉
  • Lazed on my couch for four days straight trying to devise a way to make millions without actually having to do anything (needless to say, I was unsuccessful).
  • Started two online book clubs; which you should join! You can check them out by clicking each below:
  • Bid adieu to my PC and went Apple all the way. Spent way too many hours on Etsy looking for a Macbook “cozy”.
  • Mildly ashamed to admit that I stayed up until 4 am three nights in a row to watch the Netflix reboot of Full House, aka Fuller House (minus one point for the show naming folks at Netflix).

My February Book Shelf:

The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland by Jim DeFede

This book revisited that dreadful September day when thirty-six planes landed in the small airport of Gander, Newfoundland. What came out of a global tragedy were countless heart warming tales highlighting the best of humanity, each of which made me really proud to be a Canadian.

Brian’s Return by Gary Paulsen

Book #4 in the Hatchet series; this installment takes Brian back to the wilderness after an unsuccessful adjustment into “modern day” life. As with the previous Hatchet books, this continuation provides the reader with further insight of a life lived in the wilds.

Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen

This was the final book in the Hatchet series, and I would say the most violent. The bond between human and animal is exemplified as well as the rawness of nature. I couldn’t help but notice similarities between this book and The Bear by Claire Cameron. Definitely left me wishing for more in the series!

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I was directed to this book thanks to Our Shared Shelf, Emma Watson’s feminist book club. If it wasn’t for this link I doubt I would have ever read it. So glad I did as the story was not what I originally believed it to be (based on the few snippets I saw of the movie trailer). A truly inspirational story of women overcoming all kinds of obstacles. Pick it up if you get the chance.

That sums up the month of February for me. March will bring noticeable changes to the format and aesthetics of this site…stay tuned!

Erica 🙂


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