May 2016

So in May, THIS happened:

  • Quite by accident discovered that I will be given the honour of welcoming a friend home to Canada after her lengthy trip to Ireland. Bonus – we’ll be meeting up in my favourite place on earth – NEWFOUNDLAND! Bracing myself for an epic screech-in 😉
  • Presented a workshop on The Introverted Self to a less then enthusiastic high school crowd. (Although, I’m sure a few were listening. Or maybe they were all just introverts.)
  • Made life-long fur-friends during a weekend puppy sitting adventure.
  • Enjoyed numerous birthday dinners with friends from years past and present. Great to catch up with wonderful conversations and fantastic food.
  • Somehow managed to get Dora into a “first thing in the morning” walking routine. Yes, it’s a good idea in the hot weather but is limited in cuteness when she’s perched at the door whining while I’m still trying to find pants.
  • Took a trip to Shipshewana, Indiana with my mom as a belated Mother’s Day/early birthday present. While it was nice to get away, definitely expected more farmer than flea when it came to the famous market. However, my thighs and ass certainly extend a heartfelt thanks to the Amish for their amazing bread.
  • Tried a cupping massage for the first time. Nothing says summer like back hickies.
  • Managed to split open the top of my foot thanks to a rogue dinner plate. Almost inspired a post entitled: When Kitchenware Attacks
  • Volunteered my services as duck wrangler after a female mallard momentarily lost her mom radar and couldn’t locate her babies. Happy to report that both myself and mama duck made it through the ordeal unscathed.

My May book shelf:

The Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov

I have been working in the world of equine-assisted psychotherapy for several years now. As a result of my involvement, I have been blessed to play both the roles of witness and recipient to some of the most profound encounters between human and horse. Linda Kohanov has done an incredible job of creating empowering images generated by both the wisdom and essence of the horse spirit. I will never look at these amazing creatures the same way again.

Eliza Rose by Lucy Worsley

Having been a huge fan of Dr. Lucy Worsley for several years, I was absolutely giddy when I found out she had written a fiction-based-on-fact book for young people. I couldn’t put this book down. It was engaging and fun, and I learned a little about the Tudor period as well. Great read – certainly hope she does more!

The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson

If it wasn’t for my involvement in Emma Watson’s feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf, I would have NEVER read this book; it wouldn’t even have been on my radar. What started as a very raw narrative of the ambiguity of sexuality turned into, for me, a projection of my own struggle with infertility and self-proclamation of being a “fur mom” to my fuzzy child, Dora. This book re-framed the definition of motherhood and caregiver as well as created a level of validation as I navigate the world of feminist theory. It is the perfect example of why book clubs can be so amazing if you’re willing to extend outside your preferred literary comfort zone.

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