CF Product of the Month: Goat’s Milk Soap

I have always been a lover of goat’s milk products, but my affinity hit a whole new level when I was gifted a couple of bars of soap from The Great Canadian Soap Company.

Located in storybook Prince Edward Island, The Great Canadian Soap Company is a small, family owned business who takes pride in their fellow co-workers – their goats. Not only are their products handmade, but if you are fortunate enough to visit their store, you get the added bonus of meeting, feeding, and personally thanking the goats who graciously provide the milk for all the soaps and lotions they sell. I especially get a kick out of the goats’ pictures that are included in my mail orders – to me that’s the beauty of supporting small artisan businesses.IMG_1037

This is my go-to soap and I will honestly never use a different brand. I LOVE it!

You can check out their large array of soaps here.



  • It is one of the few goat milk soaps I’ve found that actually develops a good lather in the shower.
  • They have every scent you can possibly think of, or you can customize your own.
  • You can actually meet the goats who made your soap!


  • Only sold in their PEI location, therefore shipping can be a bit expensive if you are only ordering a small amount. I generally do a bulk order which lasts me a solid year or longer – and qualifies for free shipping.


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