CF Product of the Month: Toothpaste

One of the first cruelty-free products I switched to was toothpaste, although I was reluctant to do so. Having super sensitive teeth I was worried that natural toothpaste would not live up to the caliber of my Dentist recommended Sensodyne (the brand I had used for years but is NOT cruelty-free).  I’m VERY happy to report that I was proven VERY wrong. While I did test a few natural and cruelty-free toothpastes, when I came across the Green Beaver Frosty Mint variety I immediately stopped my search. I LOVE this stuff – it actually works BETTER than Sensodyne on my sensitive teeth. This change is for life. 🙂



  • One of the first things I noticed was that you don’t get “rabies-like” foaminess when brushing. You still get the clean mouth feeling but without all the added soapiness.
  • It’s vegan and the package is fully biodegradable; doesn’t contain all the nasty stuff present in many mass marketed toothpastes.
  • Call me immature (which I can be) but I see the name of the company as a huge pro simply because it makes me laugh like a 5 year old…Green Beaver (hehehe). It has the same affect on me as when anyone refers to Dildo, Newfoundland (double hehehe). ;P


  • The only con I’ve encountered is that it took some searching to find this product as it’s only sold on the Green Beaver Company website, through or, as I’ve now come to pleasantly discover, at one of my local natural health stores.

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